12 Myths About SEO

12 Myths About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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As Search Engine Optimization is quite a familiar term because nowadays in the technical field all are coping up with SEO. SEO is one of the tools which is basically used to improve the rank of a particular website and helps to increase more and more traffic on the particular website which you choose.

12 Usual Myths Followed by Search Engine Optimization are as Follows:

#1: SEO is all about collecting Meta Data as well as generating Code:

The procedure of SEO comprises of meta tags, HTML codes which is helpful in providing a specific information about the web pages.

#2: SEO is the marketing strategy:

Many of the times SEO can be looked up in the form of scam as it becomes the marketing strategy nowadays. Suppose you are paying a fee of $50 to be the website on the top, then make yourself know that these are tricks of marketing.

#3: More Content is not Necessary:

More content on your website is presently a common thing. The best website does not require more content. It simply requires the links which are made up by you for your website to be of the highest rank.

#4: Images are not Optimized:

SEO does not read out any of the images. It simply reads out the data, tags which are present in it to optimize the website. If you want to increase the visibility of your website then focus on tags.

#5: SEO Does not build links:

The main role of a marketer is to build up the links for their website but SEO is completely unsuccessful in doing such things. The marketer has to create the links by their own.

#6: First Rank is Just a Keyword:

SEO by its own generate a very little amount of traffic on your website. This is just the keyword which is used to attract the people to purchase SEO.

#7: More Pages are Better Option:

No one is interested in the matter which you have put on in the pages. If you want to increase traffic then you must increase the pages too.

#8: Ranking Really Matters a lot:

This is just a thinking as ranking is basically dependent on the sales as well as marketing tricks. If you talk about SEO then ranking is one of the essential parts.

#9: SEO is all About Tricks:

The fundamental need to get high traffic is how intelligently you mark your searches. The keywords which you are using are helpful to get more traffic or not depends on you.

#10: Ranking Drops if Content is not Updated:

As the quality of the content is not required but if you do not update any thing on your site then automatically the ranking decreases.

#11: Duplicate Content Removes your site from the list:

SEO needs fresh content only to increase ranking. The copied content simply DE-LIST your site from Google.

#12: Effect of Social activity on SEO:

SEO does not require any social site to make your ranking number one. But by your own links, you can manage to drive more traffic socially on your website.


There are many of the changes occur in SEO few years ago. SEO completely changes the level of working. Also it is quite helpful in maintaining the marketing strategies too.

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