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Best 5 Ad Networks for New Bloggers (with Fast Approval)


If you are a new blogger and want to earn money from your blog, then you are lucky as you are visiting this page. This page will help you to earn money from your low traffic blog too. This article is exclusively for best ad networks for bloggers. All these ad networks are very much friendly for new bloggers. These as networks let the bloggers to monetize the new blogs with low page visitors.

Here is the outline of 5 most trustworthy and most reliable well-known marketing as well as advertising networks that are very well-known to the new and small bloggers. You can easily monetize your blog under these ad networks. Everyone knows that Google Adsense is the top most ad network for quality ads, but getting approval from Google is quite tough. Not everyone is lucky to get approval from Google. On the other hand, the approval from the other ad networks are quite easy and they are also in the top level in web-based ads.

Infolinks (

To the new bloggers, Infolinks is very popular. It offers various types of ad and its in-text ads is very popular.

Advantages: It is the most trusted advertising company that pays timely to its bloggers.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of Infolinks is that its minimum payout is $50, many newbies do not prefer this type of payout.


This ad network is very well known to the new bloggers. Though someone says that present advanced technology of other ad network companies replaces Chitika from the ad market, it is still true that Chitika is still very popular to the new bloggers.

Advantages: Chitika provides some facilities like easy-to-use interface, low and minimum payout facility and there is no minimum web traffic requirement etc. All these help Chitika to gain popularity.  If you do not have search traffic then there is no need to use Chitika. Chitika provides good support to the publishers and advertisers.

Disadvantages: But Chitika has some disadvantages like it monetizes only search traffic, it works only under no tolerance policy. It bans the blog permanently for invalid ad clicks, for approval or rejection it takes too much time. So, at this moment it is considered that it is not the best ad network in 2017 for making money.


Bidvertiser is one of the oldest ad networks (launch 2002) which is also very popular to the new bloggers.

Advantages: It provides many ad formats so many ads are available in the blog means more earning. It pays your earning either through cheques or direct bank transfer or through PayPal. Its minimum payout is very low.

Disadvantages: The ad quality it provides is not so high and its interface is very old. The earning from this ad network is very low.

Revenue Hits (

As compared with the other names, Revenue Hits is quite different from others. This ad network will not pay you anything for any click or an impression, rather pay when clicks turn into action. This network pays $10-$50 per action. Its minimum payout is $50 and via Paypal or Payoneer or direct bank transfer.

Advantages: This network has no minimum traffic requirements and provides instant activation facility and good support. The CPC rate is very high.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage is that as per action, not based on CPC or CPM.

Propellerads (

This CPA network is idle beginner bloggers or intermediate bloggers. Sign up with the network, create an ad and the ad on your blog. You will make $1-$4 form 1000 views.

Advantages: Creating and placing ads is very simple and easy.

Disadvantages: The minimum payout is very high i.e. $100.

Lastly, though the names in the list are no so popular as compared with Google Adsense, they create a good impression for new bloggers.

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