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Blogging Tips – A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Blogging Tips

What Is Blog?

A blog is an informative website, created by people, in order to share their views and information, with the rest of the world. This is similar to a diary, which is maintained for sharing daily happening in a daily basis. Nowadays many blogs are created on different genres and people share many useful information on these blogs. The information varies from food, hair styles, technology, etc. In addition to this, in blogs you are also allowed to discuss about the topics and provide comments below the articles published in the website.

What Is Blogging?

The process of creating Web Blogs by a person about any specific topic or about their day, then it is called as Blogging. There are many kind of blogs including blogs for food, beauty, diet, movie updates, etc. The main difference between a blog and a website is, the blogs will be updated often, mostly on daily basis. On the other hand, website are updated only once in a while. When a person is interested in creating and maintaining a blog then he should dedicate at least few hours for his blog. 

Step by Step Guide for Beginners: 

Before starting a blog, a beginner should follow these steps, in order to make their blog most interesting. They are explained as follows:

  • Be creative: Before starting a new blog, at first you have to think clearly about the topic, in which you are interested in and you will update on daily basis. Analyse the blogs, which you think will be your competitors. Take note on how they have arranged their blog and how often they are updating them. You have to be more creative, so that your weblog is the one the users are searching for, compared to others. In Order to start your blog you need to Buy Good Hosting and HostGator is One of the best Hosting Company. You can save a lot on Black Friday, Please checkout hostgator black friday sale discount.
  • Creating blog with Uniqueness: Since there are millions of blogs out there in the internet world, you have to be more unique, when your are creating your blog. You have to stand out from the rest of the crowd. For example, if your competitors blog is writing short stories for children, you can make it interesting by narrating the short story with pictures and also provide an audio file, so that children’s can listen to the story.
  • Articles should be detailed: You should know that, articles that are having more words, are ranked first, while users search for any keyword. When you are writing about a topic, provide in-depth information to the users. The article should be keyword rich and informative, compared to your competitors blogs.
  • Frequently Updating your Blog: If you want your blog to be displayed in the first page, when users search with a keyword, then you have to frequently update them. The most recent articles are displayed at first, while searching with a keyword.
  • Building Potency: It is your blog and you should have some control over the blog. Be a blogger, everyone can trust. You should not recommend product, which is not used by you. Get expert testimonials and feedback of you website from them.
  • Connecting with other bloggers: Having numerous connections, can help you build traffic in your blog and can boost up your expertise.
  • Ways to increase Traffic: There are number of ways to increase traffic. They includes Social media, Email listing, Guest posting, Content marketing, blog comments, etc. And also focus on the number one website, in your genre.


These are some of the tips for the beginners, who are thinking about starting a blog. Once you have gained some expertise, you can develop further like concentrating on SEO, Sales funnel, monetizing, fixing bugs in blog, etc.

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