What is Google AMP

Google AMP Your Way To Success – Know Everything about AMP

Google AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. Now the first question comes in your mind that what is Accelerated Mobile Pages? The best content about the AMP as well as its evince on SEO (search engine optimization) originates from the SEO proficient. AMP is an enterprise represented by the Google and that purpose to speed up […]

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Web Push Notifications

Benefits Of Having Web Push Notifications For your Blog

Learn hоw web push notifications саn hеlр уоu reach уоur blog audience bеttеr thаn bу email & Even mоrе than thrоugh social media. Adding the benefits оf web push notifications, іѕ thе ability tо earn revenue аt thе ѕаmе time. Web push notifications аrе thе blogger’s newest tool tо improve blogging success. Web push notifications, […]

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