Make Your Dhanteras Blessed By Purchasing Gold And Utensils


Dhanteras is a festival which is celebrated before two days from Diwali. It is a tradition in India, many of the people purchase gold and utensils on this auspicious day. Dhanteras is called as the day of wealth as well as good luck. People decorate their houses during Diwali and Dhanteras and also draw rangoli to welcome Goddess Laxmi in their houses. Dhanteras will be celebrated on 17’th October 2017.

The Reason for Purchasing Gold and Utensils on Dhanteras:

People do purchasing on this day to attract wealth as well as good luck in their house. This day occurs because of Sagar Manthan and this Manthan was held in between Gods as well as Demons. Accordant to the known story Sagar Manthan, all the 14 ratnas were generated by the ocean, and Dhanwantri was one of the God.

On this auspicious day, God Dhanwantri which is called as the avatar of Lord Vishnu comes up with the pot of Gold which is filled up Amrit. After this day the pattern of purchasing Gold, as well as utensils on the day of Dhanteras, started.

How to Celebrate this Festival?

You can start singing the devotional songs of Goddess Lakshmi and also Lord Ganesha. On this day it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits your house and bless your home with good fortune as well as well-being. Most of the people invest in Gold on this day. On Dhanteras all the businessmen prefer to invest their profits in gold jewellery. People bought new clothes as well as utensils for Diwali occasion.

Significance of Dhanteras:

People also do Maha Puja on this day for the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi as well as Lord Ganesha within the time of mahurat. Barely, Wheat, Urad, Gram, Moong and also Masoor are seven known bowls of cereal which are worshipped on this day. People do their purchasing on this day and feel blessed for taking those new things. Dhanteras is the festival on which Lord Dhanwantri has taken birth. That’s why this day is celebrated as Dhanteras and people buy silver as well as gold coins which consist of pictures of Goddess Lakshmi as well as Lord Ganesha.

All the places of business are attractively decorated as well as lamps are lit for the whole night on this day. People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Another importance of Dhanteras is lighting up the Yamdeep to wish Lord Yama in order to forbid the early deaths in your family.

Dhanteras Puja Preparations:

On this day, the houses are cleaned completely and also people love to decorate their homes. From the main door of your house, steps of Goddess Lakshmi are drawn into your house leading to the Mandir. People draw beautiful rangolis in front of their houses. The important component of this day is the puja you must light up a lamp to Yamdeep. This lamp is kept at the main door of your house till the next morning to turn back the evil forces as well as any of the negative energy and to invite the blessings of Yamdeep and also Mahalakshmi.

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