Useful Google Tools No Blogger Should Ignore

Free Google Tools Which A Blogger Must Use

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New to blogging? Have you searched the tools to increase your business? If no, then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know about all the tools and marketing strategies which will help you out to get good the business life.

Some of the Tools which are Provided by Google are:

1) Google Search Console

If you spend your time on this tool then definitely you are not wasting your time. This is free of cost tool and with this tool, you can check the performance and position of your keywords.

2) Google Keyword Planner

If you are a content marketer then start making use of this tool as it is one of the excellent tools to work with. As with the help of this tool you can very well get the affiliated keywords for your website which will help you to rank up in SEO.

3)  Google Sheets

How are you keeping the record of your data? Are you using a perfect tool? Get started with Google Sheets, this will surely help you out to keep a record of your files and many of the times there is a need of sharing the data with your other team members then this tool is completely perfect as with this you can collaborate with the other team members too.

4) Google Analytics

This is a free tool from Google which will very well track as well as report all the essential metrics from your particular site. This tool will help you to see how the other people are covering and using your website.

5)  Google Alerts

This tool manages your business online. When you set your keyword then whenever that keyword is searched by anybody on Google you will get an email alert about the search. In this way, you can check the traffic which is created on your website.

6) Google Trends

This tool will surely help you to get fresh content ideas for the blog. Google Trends help in finding the trendy topics which are more often read by the audience.

7) Google My Business

Google My Business helps you to do advertise your blog without spending single penny from your pocket. To get the result of your keyword on the top ranking you need some advertising with the help of Google then you must go for this tool.

8) Google Calendar

It will help you to make yourself organized if you are a blogger. Google Calendar is a tool which helps to know your team members when you available and when not and also help you to divide the task as well as the deadlines.

9) Google Plus

Google Plus is a famous tool where you can share your content with the other people and in this way you can also enhance your marketing skills too.

These are some of the tools which help you to grow your business especially when you are new in this field. You will get to know more new features and learn new ways to work while optimizing such tools.

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