Decorate your House this Diwali

Decorate your House this Diwali with Amazing Hanging


Everyone loves to decorate their house on Diwali. You will surely choose wall hanging to decorate your house. There are different types of wall hanging which are available in the market during the time of Diwali.

Some of the Beautiful wall Hangings are as Follows:

  • Newspaper Wall Hanging

The newspaper is easily available in your houses and you can make beautiful hangings with it. You simply need newspaper, scissors, ice cream sticks, ribbons, colours, and a paintbrush. Roll the newspaper on paintbrush and colour the roll with your favourite colour. Make big as well as small rolls and fix them. Make a design and fix the sticks behind the design with glue. Decorate more with ribbons and your hanging is ready to put on the wall.

  • Kalash Wall Hangings

It is easily available in the market whose cost starts from Rs 150. These are the high-quality wall hangings which are made up of laser cut pinewood. This hanging comprises of two portions i.e. One is the inner portion which is free and the other portion is movable along with the vertical axis present on the inner part of the glitter outline. This will surely help you to decorate your home in a better way.

  • Candle Wall Hangings

This is one of the beautiful pieces which you can choose to decorate your house this Diwali. Laser cut pinewood is used to make this piece and the market value of this hanging starts from Rs 140.

  • Toran Door Hangings

The fragrant toran is made up of artificial flowers which you can use for the next year too. Also, you can make toran by fresh flowers which helps in making your house lively as well as fresh. The attractiveness door hangings of the toran which are made up of fresh flowers are somewhat filled your day with delight and originality.

  • Beads Toran Door Hangings

The beads toran door hangings are the ready-made toran made up of bright crystals, beads as well as flowers. You can also choose bright colours according to the decor of a house like red, orange, yellow or pink to make the toran more colourful and attractive. You can now purchase made to order bead torans from the various decorative retail store nearby by home as it is easily available everywhere during the time of Diwali.

  • Thread Toran Door Hangings

Thread torans are the classic torans which are made of different coloured threads as well as these door hangings are the best way to customize your doors/windows on this Diwali. All the decorations made up by you are just incomplete without the traditional thread torans.

  • Doily Hanging Lights

These are very simple as well as beautiful and if you love simple and unique ideas for Diwali decoration, then this one totally suits your choice.

These are some of the beautiful wall and door hanging styles which you can use to decorate your house this Diwali. Make this Diwali more beautiful with this decoration and get all the attention from your relatives and friends for decorating your house.

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