How Blogs Can Make You Rich – Tips and Tricks

Blogging Tips

Everybody wants to be rich and desire to make more money. Blogging is a platform where all your desires can be completed. Now, the question arises in the mind of many of the people that is it possible to make money by this? The answer is pretty simple that it is one of the easiest ways to make money. Blogging nowadays became a business tool.

There is the Number of ways by which to Earn Money by a blog which is as Follows:

#1: Affiliate Marketing The Best Technique to Make Money:

This is also a money making technique which is not known by many of the people. You simply have to recommend a product to your readers and this will make you earn money by the product’s owner. Its Called Affiliate Marketing.

#2: You Can sell the Membership of Blog:

The blogs comprise of many of the corners. You can sell the corner/Advertising Space as per your wish and on monthly basis, the charges are provided to you by a particular person who purchases it.

#3: Add the Script and Display Advertisements:

You have might be seen that many of the blogs consist of some advertisements which are displayed in the corners, Sidebar, Footer or any part of the blog. These ads can make you earn more money also when you cope up with Google Adsense, you will be paid up around more than 50% of the money which others provide and it is a huge amount. So, start displaying ads by Google.

#4: Keep Selling your Products:

If you have your own business then you might sell your products to the audience because blogging is the best platform to communicate with other people all around the world. This will help you to grow your business terms too.

#5: Become an Affiliate of a Brand:

Earning comprises of many of the methods. For example, you can join Flipkart, Amazon, eBay or any other popular brand with the help of your blog and on behalf of the brand, you can sell their products. This is a job which is known as E-commerce seller. This one is completely different from affiliate marketing as in affiliate marketing more of the digital products are to be sold but in E-commerce marketing products such as clothes, grocery, household things are to be sold out.

#6: Show pop-up Advertisement on Your Website:

This is one of the simple ways to earn money. Most of the time you have seen that suddenly an advertisement appears when you are going through any particular site. Pop-up ads pay you a better money for showing such type of Ads on your website. If you desire to earn additional money rather from your blog you can choose this way to earn it.


There are numerous ways by which one can earn money side by side with blogging. It is simply called a new revolution and also it becomes a trend of earning money. These ways are quite beneficial to attract the audience so that they purchase your upcoming products and the sake will also increase. One can promote the product here.

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