How Not To Get Your AdSense Account Banned?


Google Adsense, commonly known as AdSense, is a program operated by Google which allows its publishers to display texts or video or image advertisements on their own web pages and help them to earn money from those advertisements when viewers click or view on the advertisements. This advertisement placement service is one of the best sources of earning of the site owners. It is the best contextual as well as the highest paying advertisement network for the bloggers.

What is the source of earning from Adsense: To earn from this system you have to monetize your account first. Earning from Adsense mainly comes from either from the per-click basis or from the per-impression basis. To earn from this Adsense account you need to create or open a free account and copy-paste the advertisement code provided by Google in your site and display ads. It is totally free to be a verified web publisher in the AdSense program.

How Not To Get Your AdSense Account Banned: However, this dream income platform is very risky to the bloggers. The only reason is that Google is very strict in its Adsense Terms of Services(Adsense TOS). So, you must keep in mind certain things to avoid violation of  Google Adsense policies. This is obviously true that getting approval from Adsense is not so easy and there are many things to do to keep this approved Adsense account active.

New AdSense publishers must be aware these Adsense policies to avoid their account ban. However, these are the common mistakes most of the Adsense publishers must avoid getting their account banned:

  • Understand Google Adsense Terms of Service first: To avoid a ban of the Adsense account, the first thing a blogger should do is that first of all try to understand the TOS of the Google for its Adsense program because it is the most dangerous zone. Never request your friends to click on Ads from different IP address or you can never do the same. In case if Google detects this activity, it will instantly put your account ban to safeguard its Advertisers.
  • Use unique name & address: This is one of the most important points to remember that you should always use unique name and address for your fresh Adsense Don’t use the same name, address or e-mail id that you have used previously to open Adsense account and your account got banned or disabled. If you do so, Adsense will reject your new application.
  • Unsupported languages: Google does not support all languages to run its Ads under its Adsense program. So, never use any Google unsupported language in your blog after getting the approval of your Adsense account. Again, if you use any technique to make the blog multilingual and serves Ads on your blog, it is also the violation of the Adsense TOS.
  • Respect Google Rules: In order to keep your account active your Adsense account as a blogger, you should respect Google’s rules. The most important rules to remember in this context are
  • Do not post any hacking or cracking or piracy related content.
    1. Always post original content.
    2. Never use others copyrighted images. Only use royalty free images or own created images.
    3. Never use any pornographic content in your blog.
    4. Never put more than three Ads on the same page.
  • Never sends Ads on Email: To earn a lot of money in a short period of time many new bloggers start to send Adsense Ads within the email. Always remember money never grows on a tree, always you have to try your best to earn it. So, honestly never follow this system. It is against Google’s program
  • Paid Traffic: To earn money in a short period of time, never buy traffic for your Adsense enabled blog because it is also against the Google policies. Always follow Google’s ‘landing page quality guidelines’ for Adsense account- it will obviously give you a clear idea about what Google expects from an honest blogger.astly, to prevent your Adsense account gets banned you should never use any money-making shortcuts, read the terms properly before accepting it and never manipulate Adsense code.

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