How to hide your friend list from others in Facebook

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Today Facebook works as a good social media not only to the young guys, almost all of the society use this social media for communicating with others whom they call as friends. You may use Facebook for video call, phone call or chat. If you want to do all these work using Facebook, your profile on Facebook must be in ‘Public’ status.

But sometimes privacy becomes a great concern in Facebook account and for that, the Facebook authority has introduced some new settings so that its users can maintain privacy to make its users account safe. The users may control many things in their profile like status, albums, photos etc. Now a user can hide his/her status from others manually.

If you are a privacy-minded user, you must try to keep your privacy. If you never want to show your friend list from the strangers, you have must have to hide your profile from them. The process is very easy and simple. To maintain your privacy or to hide your Facebook friends’ visibility, you have to visit ‘Facebook privacy setting’ option first.

If your profile is in public status the people will see you and they will start to add friends blindly and to see the common friends, usually, the other friends will accept the friend requests. The situation is not preferable in case of a female. So, it’s fine to view your friend list only to you and hide it from others. To hide your friends list from others follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open any browser in your computer and type Facebook page will appear.
  2. In the Facebook page pace your username and password. Your homepage will appear.
  3. Next to the home button in your homepage, you will find your Name-click on it.
  4. Now below your cover photo you will find Friends button-click on it.
  5. Friends page will appear. In this page click on the Manage button that you will find as a pencil symbol. This symbol will appear in the right side of the home page.

Hide friend lists in FB

  1. Click on the dropdown menu, you will find Edit Privacy Click on that option so that Edit Privacy window opens.
  2. From this window drop down menu, select Only Me. This option will show the ‘Who can see my friend list’ option.
  3. Once you have done, click on the close button to save the required changes and the opened box will close.

In this way, you can control your friend list for those who will only see your friend list and who is not. You can only keep it visible for you only for your safety reason. When you want to hide your friends totally, then all these steps will surely help you. If you find the ‘Mutuals’ there are also some ways to hide those friends too.

This is the simple way to hide your friend list from others and by following these steps you can also protect your profile from unwanted persons.

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