How to Make Money with Your Blog-5 Great Ways


Probably, you will not find a single person who does not know about Blog. Blogs supply us with lots of valuable information about our need. Have you ever imagined why bloggers create blogs by their own money? The only reason behind blogging is that they earn a lot of money from their blog(s). If you search for the success story of the bloggers, you will find that they lead a better life just from their blogs.

Blogging is a business that gives you a handsome money in many ways. But it is true that the earning from the blog is not a daydream. By your hard efforts and by applying technical knowledge, you can earn lakhs of rupees from blogging. Before, start earning you have to monetize your blog first. Monetization is the first and foremost criteria for earning from the blog.

Remember, before start earning from your blog you have to go ahead by following these golden steps i.e.-

  • First set up your own blog,
  • Create useful content,
  • Now land to your blog and start finding your readers,
  • Create engagement with the readers who come to your site and lastly
  • Start making money from different ways of your blog.

Now, you are ready for earning from your blog from different ways. Here are 5 important ways of earning from the blog-

Income from Advertising Network: Many bloggers start earning from this platform. Ads may come in the form of Display Ads or Banner Ads in your blog sidebar or above the header. When your blog becomes popular and you are getting more and more traffics and your brand is growing day-by-day, more and more advertisers or ad network like Google Adsense will come to your site and pay you money to display ads using your blog. You may earn from pay per click or from pay per set of visitors.

Income from Affiliate marketing: This is also a good way of stabilizing earning from the blog. In this case, companies will ask you to promote their products in your blog post or in your ad space. The advertisers will pay you a commission or a percentage of their sale. If your content is good and attract readers continuously, the companies will get a good sale from your site and in return, they will pay you a good amount of money. Affiliate marketing becomes successful if you have good followers, otherwise, it is wastage of time.

Earn by selling your own product: By selling your own product through your own blog must be a good source of earning from blog monetization. Till now, this is the most stable method of earning from the blog. In this case, you will have full control over your income. Starting from designing the whole product, it’s pricing and marketing, you are the boss- hence more you pay your effort, more you earn from your blog.

Income from freelance service: When you start blogging on a certain topic, you must be experienced on that subject day-by-day. Your knowledge, your skills and also your expertise level will go on increasing. By marketing these skills in your own blog and selling the same you can earn too. Many people will be willing to pay a handsome amount of money to you for your advice.

Earning from Events: You can also earn money from ‘running events’ from your blog. At present most of the bloggers making their money from this source. Running events may be any big conferences or small, where the money comes either from readers attending the conference or from the sponsors for that event.

However, these are the important ways of earning from the blog, though there are many ways too for earning money by blogging.

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