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We all know about Search engine optimization, which is popularly known as SEO. All the popular websites you see on Internet, allows intended SEO Tactics to boost revenue by implying keywords (one of the key part in SEO).  What if you’re new to blogging or opening up a online store for yourself or your company. This is nice place to go through all the basic elements you find in here.

That’s the reason we made this extremely simplified to know the SEO basics to help you understand further into the matter.

What Actually Define the Term SEO?

Search engine optimization is a term defines a practical route to increase your online presence in eyes of all major search engines. This is basically a non paid method and carried out everything from a user end.

Search engine optimization helps you to boost your website online presence that in turn assists to increase traffic, and brings you customers to you effectively which in turn brings revenues from sales.

The SEO works beyond the targeted keywords you use in your content.  These are essential things for any SEO expert to look for other opportunities such as content strategies, structure and images that one uses on site.

Why You Should Know about SEO?

Practically, SEO does everything for you to get visibility on search engines such as Google, bing and Yahoo. If you know, your competitors then you must know they have already implied and structured SEO on their website. A proper Search engine optimization takes you to first page of google. That’s what it matters! Because major traffic comes on through search engine first page.

For reference- It works like if someone is interested in buying your products or services. What does he do? He searches on google his products and get your website from the search results.

Overall, this is one of the best practices to promote and enlarge your business online. Nevertheless how good is your product or service, if you don’t implement SEO you’re lacking a major part of your online business.

How can I Perform SEO Check on my Website:

Yes, Anyone can optimize website with some basic understanding on how SEO works. But on a note one should carry out different techniques and not just in keyword implementation. Although, Keywords are a bigger part in SEO but you can get penalized due to Keyword stuffing. Some people tries to land their page on first page of google by keyword stuffing. This is however not true, it can even have adverse effect on your website. Try out everything naturally with quality content. Search engines will do the rest of things for you.

Do I have to go through all aspects of SEO to Rank my Page on Search Engines?

Yes, a website owner should go through all the basic things of SEO, but there are something which might not be in your control. Make sure to follow this checklist

  1. Make sure your content is unique because search engine hates duplicate contents.
  2. Build good lengthy contents which should be more focused towards the reader and just for ranking.
  3. Make sure to update the contents on regular basis.
  4. Most people’s love to read on phones. Making your site mobile friendly.
  5. Linking with other website makes you more reliable in the eyes of search engine which in turn your site becomes more trustworthy.

What is the Importance of a SEO?

SEO helps to grow your business into more profitable one. Implementing SEO makes you a big fish on your niche industry though it’s a gradual process and takes time.


We hope you have understood the basics of Search Engine optimization now.  The topic is far more extensive than you think and there are loads of things to cover in detail.

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