Mobile SEO Mistakes Which can Destroy your Mobile Marketing Effort

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The owner of the website is looking up for the perfect quality which is required to alter the execution of various places. During the execution time of SEO operation, people might neglect the correct procedure regarding the skilled SEO.

Some of the Mobile SEO Mistakes Which most of the Users do are as Follows:

1) Responsive Design is not Used:

Do you know what is the responsive website? Are you aware of the things related responsive design? The responsive website is designed in such a way that the format remains same when you open this site in any of the devices.

These type of websites assist you to reach the number of customers through with the help of smaller devices too. It is also helpful as it decreases the cost to run your websites for long period of time. It also increases the sale as well as communication with the customers and tries to satisfy the customer by listening to their requirements.

2) Pages Slowly open in Mobile:

You might have noticed that many of the times some sites take more time to open in mobile phone but in computers, it opens quickly. Have you ever met with this incidence? For sure most of you face this thing but no one knows the reason. As many of the sites are there which are not optimized in the mobile phone format. Therefore, such type of things usually occurs. To boost up the speed of your mobile pages you have to decrease the response time of the server. Start optimizing your images as well as activate Google AMP.

3) The Content of your Multimedia is a Problem:

To make your blog posts look more attractive many of the times you add up pictures and videos in it but while adding such things you might have to check that is your site support such videos to play with the provided content. The most challenging thing is the speed to load the content and if the speed is going to slow down when you such things in your site and it is not working properly then must have to set all of it again. Also, many of the mobile phones are there which does not support a browser to play your uploaded video. To get rid of this problem make sure you are going with the correct format or not if you are adding multimedia things on your website.


These are some of the problems which usually no one looks for but you must find a solution to these problems as all of you need a growth in your business. If you will not look after your mistakes you will never get succeed. To overcome these types of problems you can also take the advice of Google to use HTML5 on your website. Optimizing the version of mobile for your website will not simply help you to increase the traffic, but it also helps you to improve your income source too. You can use this tips to solve your problem and rectify your mistakes.

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