Start earning money just by signing up in Godaddy Affiliate Program

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Want to earn money from online. Hunting for a genuine source- then Godaddy Affiliate Program may be your right choice as in this moment it is the most popular and well-known name for marketing domain and hosting. Its big reputation drives most of the affiliate marketers to be a part of its affiliate program. Just by joining its affiliate program you can earn a lot of money and obviously it may be your permanent source of income.

The well-known affiliate program run by Godaddy brings a traceable impact on the social standard of the affiliate marketers. So, they pay a keen interest in this affiliate program. But remember that Godaddy had shut down the affiliate program rather it manages the program by hooking up the program with CJ i.e. Commission Junction, Zanox or Viglink.  To sign up for this affiliate program you may choose one of these affiliate programs.

If you have a passion for Godaddy affiliate program and want to sign up to earn money, here are some valuable tips waiting for you. Just go through the article and follow the step-by-step instruction. You may choose any option-

Join via Commission Junction (

If you use Commission Junction to sign up the affiliate program then you must follow these steps-

  • First of all go to the Commission Junction,
  • Sign up and create an account on this site.
  • From the Advertiser, menu search Godaddy and join its affiliate program.
  • Now you will get a unique affiliate link or URL that you will use in your blog.

However, there are several reasons due to which Godaddy may reject your application. So, to avoid this rejection, you may be aware of your website and must be sure that your site has good users. That is the good reputation of your site, lets you get the approval to use its affiliate program.

Join via Zanox (

You may also opt for Zanox as a way for signing up for Godaddy affiliate program. The steps required for signing up-

  • Open the official site of the Zanox.
  • Sign up and create an account there.
  • Verify your blog required for ad space through file or through Meta tags.
  • On the advertiser menu search Godaddy and join the program.

Now, you are ready for earnings from Godaddy affiliate program.

Join via Viglink (

This is also a good alternative to join with the Godaddy affiliate program. It is very easy to join with Viglink that that of CJ and it’s totally free. Go to Viglink dashboard, create an account, and then click on ‘Merchants’ and then search for Godaddy. Then join the affiliate program.

Now you are ready to earn from affiliate program of Godaddy and it is really easy and simple. Now, place the affiliate links or banners on your site so that your customers or visitors see ads. You may also earn money by qualifying sales advertisements. Godaddy provides both text ads as well as banner ads for your website. When you earn money from these ads, you will get paid via checks or direct bank deposits. So, for instant cash Godaddy is the best.

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