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If you are not good at writing on any topic. But you want people to take interest in your blog. When you are good at writing you think about the mistakes. Whenever you start writing you will think that is it sound stupid what I am writing or as you are feared that you are not able to recognize as the good writer.

Ways to Write Better:

If you have fear about writing wrong or you feared of mistakes, you will never become a good writer. Just overcome this fear and start writing with your mind. Here are some ways which may help you to write well as if you are not good at writing.

Assume that the Reader is Sitting Front of You:

This is the best method if you want good writing. Whenever you start writing just think that you are explaining the same thing to the person sitting next to you. You just think that you have a good conversation with the reader. So just try to find out the easy and simple way to explain your words to the reader.

Do Not use Tough Words or Language:

Always try to write in a way you usually speak in your daily life. If you use the simple words as people use in their daily life, then they will show more interest in your blog. You must have to use the simple as well as normal language that reader should be able to understand easily. Keep your words very simple without using any artificial language.

Be Sure about what you are Writing:

This is the main thing that every writer should follow. Always remember in your mind what you are going to write. Do not start writing with an empty mind. Do not write what other people want, just write the right thing what actually is.

Read the Blog once Again:

Whenever you are going to publish your blog just re-read your blog one more time. This will help you to find out if you have done any mistake or is anything left to write. So do not forget to read your blog before publishing.

Do Not Follow any Rule:

This does not mean that you do not follow the grammar rule. The mean of this heading, if you are not good at writing and you have fear of grammar mistake as well as sentence. Then just throw your grammar books and start writing in the way you speak in your daily life. The simple thing you must keep in your mind that is if you are not able to explain something easily then you do not have full knowledge about it.


These above-mentioned tips are the really successful way for your blog. Just write the way you are. Do not try to write in the modified language. And do not be lost yourself to impress other people. Once you started writing, you may just be got good follower in some time. If you follow all the tips you will really feel like you are good at writing. Do not allow your mind to keep any negative thought. Just think positive and start writing.

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