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Google AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. Now the first question comes in your mind that what is Accelerated Mobile Pages? The best content about the AMP as well as its evince on SEO (search engine optimization) originates from the SEO proficient.

AMP is an enterprise represented by the Google and that purpose to speed up the opening page of any website on mobile phones. AMP is an open source includes the HTML framework as well as slow down the loading performance of the website by JavaScript, various CSS styles, as well as many other elements.

AMP Google on Phone:

Accelerated Mobile Page or we can say AMP is a modern web language made by the Google. It was basically invented to make the website faster on iPhone as well as on the Android phones.  By AMP you may able to slow down the load on any website on any device.

The best example of AMP is that in this the text always loads at first. There is no extra and unwanted advertisements come in this. Your Content will feel like it is loading immediately as when you are loading an AMP website.

Benefits of Google AMP:

The main advantage of AMP that it may able to load the web page faster. The AMP is able to load the web page four times faster than the normal loading web page. If you have low network connection as 2g on your phone as well as low Wi-Fi connection then also you are able to open page easily. The AMP pages use the 10 times fewer data as compare to the non-AMP pages. It also allows you to save your data for future use.

AMP able to upgrade the loading time of the website automatically. There are good chances that it may able to improve the search engine optimization position in the Google. So there is various web master converting their pages as well as websites to the AMP websites.

Problem With the Google AMP:

As you have seen the benefits of the AMP as it may able to load the web pages faster and consume your data and take fewer data to open page as well as able to improve the SEO ranking on Google. But there is always two sides of the story.

As AMP gives you the limited options for websites analysis as well as for the advertisements. AMP be able to look poorly enforced because it holes up the primary URL. If you try to share any web page then it may share the AMP-formatted link as not share the original link of the web page.

Most Popular Free AMP WordPress Plugins:

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source activity produced by Google almost 10 months ago. The AMP is very useful for the iPhone as well as for the android users. AMP able to save your data and provide you the best network to open any web page. As it is very fast then the non-AMP web page. So you also try AMP for your website as well as for your web page.

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